Temple Farm Devon is a 26 acre smallholding, just south of Exmoor National Park. We Follow Regenerative Agriculture and Agroecological principles, ensuring we farm in a truly sustainable fashion – that means our farming practices do no harm to the environment, and in most cases actually add environmental benefit. The vast majority of Temple Farm is permanent pasture, and we do not spray or use petro-chem fertilisers.

We are passionate about supporting our Native Breeds – many of which are classed as rare breeds due to their lack of suitability to more intensive farming systems. Our Regenerative approach and use of Native Breeds helps to greatly reduce any carbon impact of our production. Our ancient pasture is an excellent carbon capture mechanism, and out work “building” healthy soils helps to lock even more carbon away under the soil.

Our Poultry & Pigs are fed on our own blend of UK grown cereals, whilst our Goats and Sheep are 100% grass fed.