Temple Farm is a 26 acre small-holding in rural Mid-Devon. Our aim is to produce truly sustainable foods, and to assist in the development of sustainable methods of agriculture. Our lamb is 100% grass-fed, on our native Devon wildflower meadows. Our mutton is largely grass-fed, but may also have benefit from grazing our home-grown swede plantation during the depths of winter (to provide extra nutrient, whilst the grass is not growing). Our Sheep (Whitefaced Woodland), Goats (Old English), and Chickens (Dorking) are all Rare-Breeds. We’re actively involved in saving our chosen goat breed, which is currently crtitically endangered, with fewer than 100 breeding animals left.

We hope that the systems of grazing, feeding, and caring for our animals will add to the growing base of research into alternative farming practices, and a move away from the current chemically dependent, intensive, commercial farming practices.

Temple Farm hope to soon be expanding into apple-base production, Pigs (Large Blacks), as well as raw goats-milk sales.