As a relatively small meat producer we’ve opted to keep things pure, and only sell what we can produce on our own land, under our own management practices. This means products aren’t available all of the time. Lamb, Mutton, Pork & Goat meat will become available in “batches” throughout the year. We’ll notify you via email (if we have your consent), and via our social media pages, when meat boxes are next available. Whilst we know this isn’t as convenient as popping down to the supermarket, we’re sure you’ll see the value in this small-scale and low-impact way of doing things.

As a rough guide, Lamb should usually be available in August/September/October (this year’s lamb), and again in April/May (Hogget Lamb / 12 month old lamb). Mutton will usually be August/September/October. Goat (in very small batches) usually in May/June. Pork will be available more frequently throughout the year.

We know you’ll enjoy!

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