Pitch-Up Agri

Here at Temple Farm we’re very keen on what’s known as “Enterprise Stacking”. This is where multiple businesses operate in the same field/building/location. Currently we run an enterprise for Sheep, Pigs, and Goats. In the future we’d like many more enterprises, but there are limits to how much time we have ourselves. This is where Enterprise stacking comes in – Someone else from the local community can partner with us to create a whole new business. We provide the land, buildings, and some other infrastructure, whilst the other party or parties run the day-to-day end of the new business. This operates on a profit share basis, with the individuals actually running the new business taking a majority, and we take a minority. Whilst this model doesn’t totally solve the many issues around Land-Access and Land-Justice in the UK, we hope it does provide a route to getting more people involved in the rural economy, and giving more people access to land-based enterprises.

Got a great business idea, but lacking the land & buildings? get in touch!

We will advertise pitch-up events periodically on local facebook groups, as we spot opportunities for the next enterprise.